Vex Drift Car

I’m trying to replicate an RC drift car using Vex parts for a project. I was wondering if anyone would like to throw out any ideas…

What’s a good e-braking (handbraking) mechanism?
Which wheels are appropriate to use?
What’s something I can’t make using Vex parts?

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I’d use omnis on the back and traction wheels on the front.

Drone. You cannot make a drone.

handbraking = when you’re going forward and setting motors to a negative value

Very bad for motors

so is braking really hard, its just less than reversing.

I’ve heard that sending sudden negative values to motors can possibly blow out the Motor Controller 29s.

I’ve been looking all over the internet for ideas on brakes, but not a lot of people have actually attempted making a car-like machine.

Never happened to me but maybe its possible.

Just make a brake where a piston pushes a piece of metal against the wheels or something

just have a rack and pinon extend into the floor to brake :stuck_out_tongue:

Just make a linear slide to touch the floor when extended.


it would probably be better to stop the wheel rather than the floor that way the floor isnt damaged, but you would be better stopping power if you touched the floor.

Has anybody else besides me just thought that it might be best to just brake with a clamp that clamps the wheel like on a normal car?

U can use 4 inch omnis on all 4 wheels and use sprockets to gear up to whatever ratio you would like and I would recommend using high speed internals, otherwise don’t gear up and just use turbo gearing

I was actually thinking of something like pressing a second, stationary wheel up against the moving one, sort of like a clutch.

Pneumatic handbrake…

Stick a screw in between the spokes?

Make a giant engine with at least 12 motors in it with one HS output shaft. put it on the front and let that shaft run to the rear and somehow get it to a HS driveshaft to make it RWD. The drifter I made one time had the big 5" wheels because they spun the best on tile. Tilt steering is a must. A handbrake button would be a button on the controller that sets the values to - 10 ish

You can do anything if you believe

Why do you need a handbrake? You dont need a handbrake to start drifting not to mention vex motors don’t have enough power to break traction of normal back wheels. If you want to have a good drift I’d do normal wheels upfront with several motors powering 2 omnis in the back.