Vex drive help

We are building our bot for ms worlds and we made a 4 motor 265rpm 3.25in drive. When we tried to test the bot, it would take a really long time to accelerate and it would not have any torque to go up the platform. the robot is about 13 pounds. could weight be the issue?

side note: we don’t have pneumatics so 6 motor drive will not work for our bot.

I dont think there is an issue with your drives gear rationing, our robot takes a bit to accelerate but uses 600rpm 2.75" wheels and weighs just about 18lbs. If I had to guess there is probably an issue with the chassis, is it unaligned, not properly supported? There may be things causing friction and slowing down your drive. Although I can’t say for certain since I can’t see your drive, so do you mind sending a picture of it? That would be helpful for solving your problem.

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Double check the motor speed. Increase it in code if it is not that high. Also check for drivebase friction

Weight is not the issue, as 13 pounds is extremely light. The ratio is weird, as how do you get 265rpm? That might be an issue, but overall the ratio is probably not the problem. BUild quality is most likely the issue, or you haven’t set the motors/ drivetrain to 100% speed. Check for friction in your drive.