Vex drivetrain chain issue

Hello, my robot on its current form is a 6 motor drive. This drivetrain has the 3 motors on each side directly connect by a 60 tooth hight strength gear. Then on each end we have a 24t sprocket gear that runs to a 12t on the wheels. This gives us a great speed advantage over other robots and we still have a lot of torque. However, this has a massive flaw. Whenever we are driving at a high speed and then we suddenly change direction (as you do when driving) the drivetrain chain snaps almost every time. Is there a way to fix this because tensioning it hasn’t seemed to work. Does anyone have any ideas?

try using gears instead of chain. if you already have 3 60t gears in a row like I’m picturing, you should only have to add a few more gears to connect to the wheels.
to retain the speed, you can use a gear ratio.


I will try this and try to get a similar ratio

In your program do you have your drive motors set to brake or hold? If you do, that would be the cause of your issue and you should set it to coast

This will also reduce gear slipping

if the gears in your drive are slipping, you got bigger problems than the braketype on your drive motors.


Search and implement motor slew in code. Spreads out big motor speed changes over a few hundred milliseconds.

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I switched it to a direct gear 333 and it works much better


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