VEX dropship order fulfillment for resellers?

I ordered some VEX IQ competition related items from a reseller more than 2 weeks ago. Since the items ordered are not in-stock with the reseller, they forwarded the order to VEX for drop shipping.

2 out of the 3 items have been in-stock for more than 10 days according to VEX’s own website (2019-20 VEX IQ game kit and full playing field). However, there have been no movement in terms of fulfillment by VEX. I have tried to contact the reseller twice and they are saying VEX is not answering their email either. Since I didn’t order from VEX, I can’t contact VEX directly.

My question, is this the norm for VEX? Are they so overwhelmed with orders that they can’t fulfill in stock items and also routinely ignore their own reseller?

I don’t expect them to be Amazon in terms of product fulfillment, but 2+ weeks and not ship something in stock is borderlining ridiculous.

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You can contact VEX support directly at, or call them at +1-903-453-0802 from 7AM-5PM central time (more contact options here).

If you give them your reseller’s name and your order number with them they may be able to give you some information.


Yes contact them directly. They found my order once with just my ZIP code when referencing a third-party order.


Thank you all for the suggestion. For historical purpose, Yes, they will answer order fulfillment questions regarding 3rd party resellers being drop shipped.

They initially couldn’t find the order from the reseller’s name + order number. However, like @sankeydd mentioned, a ZIP code is adequate for finding the exact order.

As a side note, VEX’s website “In Stock” is pretty much a joke. They actually don’t have any of the supposedly 2 “In Stock” items. Sounded like they may get more in the next week. I am hoping for the best at this point.

You would think a technology company with smart people can get fulfillment logistic sorted out by now. That or hire some company that can actually do it correctly.

To be fair, VEX’s logistics issues are of recent origin corresponding to the changeover to FedEx and rollout of the V5 with some residual issues dating back to the West Coast dock strike in 2015 and tangential ties to the more recent world wide chip shortage. My thoughts on purchasing has accordingly moved to a Cold War Soviet consumerism mentality–if you see it, buy it now–as I fully expect sanctions to throw a bigger wrench into the works sooner rather than later. But back in the day, you would put an order in and within minutes get notice of shipping and a tracking number. More than once, I had to call to add to a “shipped” order before UPS’s late day pick up.

I fully expect in the future to see VEX become a business school case study from its introduction at Radio Shack through to V5. There are are so many issues to study from off-shore production to shipping and handling charges and resellers meeting and beating them in customer service. And the big question there will be whether the ending is as satisfying as BBT or descends to GoT status.


I’m not so sure about IQ, but in EDR, most V5/Game Element stuff this season shipped in 8+ weeks, so yes, this is be the norm for VEX. :frowning_face: