Vex EDR 393 fixing

Me and my team have a couple of motors were the internal motor has come loose from it’s position, can hot glue it or should we just scrap them for parts. I mean the rules say that you cannot modify the motors but is it modifying them if we are just restoring them to their original out of the box condition. Why should we waste a perfectly good motor when just a touch of hot glue will prevent it from coming loose. I personally see it as if it isn’t giving my team a competitive edge over the other teams why shouldn’t it be leagal.

While I can’t really recommend doing this as they might come loose in competition I don’t believe anyone will know if you do. What they do at the high level comps. is they check the motors with a separate device connected to the wires. This checks If any of the internal components have been switched out or modified to improve performance. The only reason I can see them actually opening the motor casing is there has been due cause to suspect that you’ve modified the internal gearing beyond the VEX gear kits. So realistically, no one will know if you hot glue it, but I don’t think its the best idea as it may some loose, and legally I’m not exactly sure where it falls as according to <R15> you are allowed to fix wires that break, but it also says you can’t modify motors. And I’m not sure if what you’re proposing would count as modifying.
I’m also a bit curious as to how the internal motors came loose to begin with, the internals of the 393 motors are usually quite sound.