Is there an published API for RobotC 4.x?

Second question, is there not a naming convention for library functions?
For example, wait1Msec vs StartTask.
What is the convention?

Can’t speak for VEX or ROBOTC but in general it is a well accepted C / C++ / Java naming convention to start objects with capital lettering and to use camelCase for functions or methods.

Python differs in that PEP 8 asserts that underscores are to be used between words in function names.

Looks like ROBOTC is adhering to the standard…

I am familiar with the well-accepted C / C++ / Java naming convention, but Vex/RobotC seems to be all over the place with no consistent naming, plus any coding resources provided by Vex always seem incomplete, including the one at the link you provided.

That is why I was hoping to find a complete API with of the entire Vex library, just as you would for say, the Java API.

Just use PROS if you care about consistency.

Of course PROS is great. I am working with young high school students. RobotC is easier for them and for the most part is fine, except for the documentation.
It is beyond me that Vex or Robotmatter, whoever produced the library, has not provided an easy to use / find API.

I found this documentation for the RobotC library.

Which is basically the help file from the software isn’t it?

There was this.

There really isn’t any, some is Hungarian notation, but the reality is that as ROBOTC was developed over such a long period of time, something like 12 years, the API and conventions used tended to change as new platforms were supported but also needed to remain backwards compatible.

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Many thanks for sharing this. Extensive. Thank you for your effort!

Understand. Thank you for your input.
Someone like Torvalds would be horrified, but that’s the way it played out.
It is just difficult at times when trying to talk to students about coding conventions, etc.

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