Vex EDR Arm Motor

We have an arm, to pick up cubes on our robot that is powered by one motor, and for some reason the motor has stopped working twice and we had to replace it both times. All of our other teams said that the motor is burning out because there is only one, and that the torque is too high. What should we do?

Are you using V5 or Cortex motors? Have you tried changing the gear ratio or changing the gear cartrides in the motors themselves?

we are using v5 i think. we have changed the cartridges multiple times. I will tell you if we have any more problems, everything seems fine right now

After the motors burn out, do they work after letting them sit, or are they permanently dead?

If you changed the cartridges, you are using v5; 393 motors didn’t use cartridges.

Usually, for us to help you on this forum, we need more information. In this situation, some good questions to answer would be:
  • What color motor cartridge are you using?
  • What gear ratio are you using?
  • How is your arm designed?
  • What have you already tried to fix the problem?

Pictures also go a long way.


Also, never underestimate the power of rubber bands