VEX EDR Autonomous programming

Is it possible to run my VEX EDR in autonomous mode using the remote controller (wireless control) mode in a non-completion environment? For example, I’d like to program it to move in a square pattern in my garage. Thank you in advance.


Yes I did this last year, just make a button activate the autonomous function.

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Yes. The method described by @James6555 will work with any of the robot platforms. The other one that works is to hook your handheld controller up to a competition switch that simulates the field control towers.

When you say “VEX EDR”, though, there are one deprecated and two contemporary robot controllers you might be referring to. If you have a V5 system, there is a way to start the robot in autonomous mode by selecting “Timed Run” when starting a program from the handheld controller.

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Thanks John and James6555. I’ll give the button a try.

Hey, John.
We are working on a autonomous program, and we are using the drivetrain function in V5 Robot Mesh Studio. We made a program to run a motor to go forward and we successfully made it run under the Start Folder. When we put it under the autonomous folder, and enable the TimedRun on the controller, the motors sit there and do nothing. I don’t know what is happening and why the program won’t work under the Autonomous function. I hope to get some advice on making this run. Thank you. our program, i hope you can access it.

That project is currently set to Private. In the Options menu, change the privacy level to “Public, Including Code”. try it now

Everything seemed to work just fine. Here’s my steps to try to reproduce:

  1. Copied your project to get a version I could edit (since the one you linked me didn’t have an Autonomous block that you were reporting problems with)
  2. Put in a Start Autonomous block
  3. Moved your code to under the Start Autonomous block
  4. Downloaded program
  5. On the controller, went to the Programs menu
  6. Selected Wise Ocean
  7. Selected Timed Run
  8. Ran the program

Robot did things in autonomous. You might check that when you’re starting it from your controller that you’re actually starting your program and not going into the “Drive” option with the picture of the controller, and instead going into the “Programs” option as I did in step 5. (The stuff in “Drive” is not your code.)

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