Vex EDR Buttons with a Raspberry Pi

Hi all. I am just wondering if it’s possible to connect a Vex EDR Bump Sensor/Button to a Raspberry Pi’s GPIO Pins. I have found guides on using buttons with the Raspberry Pi, but I have only found guides that make use of two pin buttons/buttons that were made specifically for breadboards, but the Vex buttons have 3 pins. I want to know if it is possible to connect a Vex button, and if so, how do I connect it, and then make use of the button.

Thanks in advance!

One of the wires (the red one I believe) just sits in the housing and does nothing. I assume you would just wire the button sensor the same way you would wire any other button, just with the remaining two wires.

Thanks! I went to open one up to make sure this was the case, and you are right. The red wire just sits inside the case of the button. This will make things easy.