vex edr CAD?

I want to design our robot on a device and i was wondering if there is a CAD i can use with the vex edr things and is free?

._. So many threads about CAD programs…

Autodesk Inventor is the gold standard for CAD design around here. You can get it for free with a 3-year educational license. I’ve also heard that Blender works as well.

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Autodesk Inventor is fine for me.

I don’t know how anyone would do CAD with Blender. I have mostly heard people using solidworks or autodesk for vex.

Blender is mostly for surface modelling (looks), whereas CAD is all about precision.

Also solidworks/inventor parts are actually solid (as opposed to blender, which makes hollow parts), so if you ever want to, for example, 3D print them, solidworks and inventor are the way to go.