VEX EDR Classroom Super Kit + Prog Kit for sale

I purchased the whole kit last year for my son. But then the robot club folded and he lost interest. He built the claw bot once and that is it. The whole kit is largely new and in parts boxes we prepared for easy travel.

So if you need another kit for a backup bot or want a load of parts our listing is:


My team may be interested, I’ll bring it up to our instructor tomorrow and see what he says

I tried to follow your link and it didn’t work. How much are you asking?

Link worked for me. Is 153 as of now but it’s on eBay so this won’t be accurate for long.

If the link doesn’t work paste 291637706548 in the eBay search bar.

Thanks guys, let me know if you have any questions!

We are in Dallas, if anyone is close enough for local pickup. If you really want it and are international, I am willing to work that out on a forum like this. I don’t want to list that on eBay as International brings out the “Nigerian Princes”.

The kit’s sale is closing in 4 hours. As of now, the classroom kit is only selling for $301. That is quite a discount.