VEX EDR Clawbot Joystick Batteries

Hi, its me again.

And my next issue is joystick batteries. We have VEX AAA rechargeable batteries and the 8 battery charger, but either the chargers are all bad or the batteries are all bad. They do not charge. The light is red, then eventually the light just dies, never turns green, and even after “charging” for an entire day, no juice whatsoever. So, here are my questions:

  1. Is there any way to fix my VEX rechargeable batteries and/or chargers?

  2. can I use any AAA battery in the joysticks? I remember reading somewhere that I am only supposed to use VEX batteries, but one of the controllers had Amazon disposable batteries in it and was working fine.

  3. If the issue with my VEX batteries system is the batteries themselves, can I use the VEX 8 battery charger to charge non-VEX rechargeable batteries?

  4. Any leads on affordable rechargeable AAA batteries and/or battery chargers? I have found some rechargeable batteries that are ok price (still expensive though if the VEX charger ends up not working for them) however, all the battery chargers I have found are outrageously expensive. Granted I haven’t looked extensively because I am limited in where I can buy since it needs to be purchased with school funds.

  5. on a previous post I found in my searching there is mention of making an adapter to make some older batteries work… can someone please explain this to me like I am 5?

Thank you!

You can use any AAA batteries in the controller.

If the 8 slot battery charger is working, you can charge AAA or AA rechargeable batteries - NiCad if I am remembering correctly.

I am not sure what constitutes “outrageously expensive” - battery chargers tend to be priced what the market will bear and provide manufacturers a profit end of the year.

I have not recommendation for item #5 - would have to find the post.

This is the power adapter:

It connects to the “programming” port on the controller and powered the controller so that it can work without batteries. The downside, of course, is that you’re tethered to the wall.

I believe the Programming Hardware Kit, which connects to the same controller port to download code to the robot wirelessly, will also provide power to the controller, but it’s been long enough since I used that part that I’m not 100% sure.