VEX EDR coding help (5 tasks)

Hi everyone,

we are beginners in the vex world, and we wanted some help with programs for vex EDR to do certain jobs
for a competition such as:

1- (remote controlled) The robot is required to grasp, hold and upload barrels of varying weights onto a tanker truck. Once done, the robot pushes a button to send the truck to the destination.
The round is divided into two parts:
Part one:
The round starts with carrying the barrels from different locations and uploading them to the truck.
The barrels will be different in shape, color and size. Each set of barrels represents a different number of points.
The participant should upload as much barrels as possible in the specified time.
The robot is allowed to carry or push the barrels.
The robot is allowed to carry or push only one barrel at a time only.
The team gets the barrel’s points once placed safely in the truck.
Sixty seconds are given for this part of the round. Part two:
After part one, the robot should activate the truck to move to its destination:
The robot must press a button installed on the main car to move the truck to its
The push button is to be pressed by a mechanical arm, not the robot itself.
The participant will have sixty seconds for the truck to reach its destination, including
the time to press the button.

2- (remote controlled) This round involves placing three pearls in their designated positions. The dimensions and locations are illustrated in the figure below. The pearls are Lego balls. Robots need to grasp three hanging balls of different colors, and place each in a pocket of the same respective color.
Each round involves grabbing 3 balls and placing them in the designated positions on the pearl pockets.
To attach the balls to the pearl holder, three wires of different lengths are tied to the ramp, and magnets are placed on the ball to attach the balls to the wires.
A team has two attempts for each ball.

3- This round involves shooting five kicks at the goal from a specified location:
Each robot gets 5 kicks.
The teams are free to distribute their time in between the kicks.
The robot should stay inside a specific area drawn on the arena.
There will be a goalkeeper and a defender in the ball path, their positions are randomly
The goalkeeper might be in position 1, 2, or 3.
The defender might be in position A, B, C, or D.

4- Pass through a maze with no line to follow. This round involves autonomously navigating a robot through a maze, using sensors. There are multiple paths in it, including dead ends.
Judge committee might modify the form of the path during the challenge.
There are no partial points for this round. A team should complete this round
successfully in order to get 10 points.
Each team has the right to two attempts. Best score will be used to calculate the
earned points.
Colored signs are placed in the maze 5cm from the ground. These signs will help
the robot avoid dead ends and getting out of the maze through the shortest path, as shown below:
o Blue Sign: Turn right, a dead end is on the left side
o Red Sign: Turn left, a dead end is on the right side
Below, the intersections are explained. The colored signs are placed in case C.
The maximum time for this round is sixty seconds.

5- following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches. The picture above is an example of the sumo arena.
Each robot is required to force the other from a circular arena of 1m diameters.
The teams will compete against each other.
The robot should carry a sword (20 cm x 70 cm) using a mechanical arm. The sword needs
to comply with the size requirements only. It cannot be attached using glue or any other
A team will lose if the robot drops the sword or if it is driven out of the arena, or goes out
of the arena.

Looking forward for your help!

I’m confused. Are you looking for coding help?

It seems like you’ve come up with 5 new games.

@Karthik come check these game ideas

Yes i am looking for code help for those games.

The community cannot help you without much more information, both about your robot and the tasks to complete.

Try looking through the RobotC web help files.