VEX EDR Extra Device

Is it allowed to have your V5 cortex transmit information to an external device such as a computer to keep track of stats such as PID control, gyros, position tracking, etc… If so, could you bluetooth connect a laptop to the cortex?

In competition?

If so, what do the rules say about wireless communications during competition outside VEXnet?

Yea for competition. I’m not sure where to find that appendix of information.

Check and search for permitted use of glue:

d. Hot glue when used to secure cable connections

Yes you can use hot glue to secure cable connections.

and is glue mentioned in any other acceptable context?

Does VEX sell EDR glue?

That might be your answer with regards to your question.


Here is the link to the game manual, where you will find the answer:

If you were doing this for practice, I don’t see why not. During a competition match, this is strictly illegal. V5 has access to an SD card slot, which can be written to at any point during the match (might help to add a timestamp).

< R13> No Wi-Fi. The Vision Sensor must have its wireless transmitting functionality disabled

< R16> Robots use VEXnet. Robots must ONLY utilize the VEXnet system for all Robot communication.
a. VEX 75Mhz Crystal Radios are prohibited. (Some events may allow the use of 75Mhz Crystal
Radios, please see the Special Event Rule Modifications later in this section.)
b. Electronics from the VEXpro, VEX RCR, VEXplorer, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product
line are prohibited
c. Mixing and matching of VEXnet transmitters and receivers is prohibited. The VEXnet Joystick
may only be used in conjunction with a VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller. A VEXnet
upgraded 75MHz Transmitter may only be used in conjunction with a PIC Microcontroller. A V5
Controller may only be used in conjunction with a V5 Robot Brain.
d. Teams are permitted to use the Bluetooth® capabilities of the V5 Robot Brain and/or V5 Controller in team pits or outside of Matches. However, VEXnet must be used for wireless communication during Matches


wait @lacsap what does glue have to do with anything

Oops - mixed threads - there was the plexiglass thread - I am sure I mis-responded to both - sorry.

good catch!


I thought it was a teaching moment. Can you find the rule about glue? Great, now can you find the rule about Bluetooth?

Total fail on my part.

no excuse. I got distracted - and did not connect .

Truth be told, we lost a member of our community. I am heartbroken.

Glue is a response to this post on Q&A which I can not do:

Take a moment to be kind.

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