Vex EDR, Joystick communication issues after firmware update

I recently inherited some Vex EDR Robots and using the ROBOTC4.x updated the firmware on both the joystick and cortex to 4.25 and CPU Firmware to VEX_Cortex_1056. Now the Joystick and Clawbot refuse to talk to one another.

You need to re pair the cortex and controller after a firmware update. Plug them into each other with a USB A-A cable.

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That has been done too. Also when I run the joystick viewer it refuses to detect the joystick. Looking across the forums this appears to be an endemic problem that has plagued the Vex from 2012 plus. I was just wondering if there is a fix other than rolling back software and firmware.

After you plug in the cable to both the joystick, and the cortex, then you need to turn them both on until you see green lights. Then switch both off and take out the cable. Insert the vexnets into the cortex and controller and switch them on. This should allow them to pair. If they still refuse to pair, try to check the firmware again and power cycle.

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Done all that, they still refuse to talk.

Interesting. What is the pattern of lights on the joystick?

hmm, that’s weird. Have you tried to pair a different controller to see if the problem is the cortex, the vexnets, or the controller? Sometimes it has happened to my team that by switching the vexnets the connection is good again.

Three Greens, the issue only started after the firmware upgrade prior to that everything worked fine.

do you have a VexNet key?

Yep 2.0 Also updated to most recent firmware.

As a V5 coder, I never had this problem. Have you tried contacting vex support?

My next step after contacting the hive brain :slight_smile:

What symptoms do you have ? Red vexnet led ? Will a simple ROBOTC program download ?

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No Symptoms all lights show go but the Robot simply refuses to respond to the joystick.

ok, it sounds like you were perhaps using the default factory installed drive program. When you installed the ROBOTC firmware (VEX_Cortex_1056) you replaced that, the expectation is that you will be writing your own programs using ROBOTC. RC includes an example program that simulates the default code, or if you really want to get the system back to factory default, you will have to use the vex firmware utility. I’ll have to try and find the link for that, everything was moved with recent website updates.

edit. ok, bottom of this page for firmware update utility under legacy, “vexnet firmware upgrade utility” see the note regarding installing the default drive code.

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And we are fixed and gtg thanks Sir