VEX EDR Motor and Brain

Our claw motor is refusing to lift a cube after only a few iterations. We have the 36:1 cartridge installed and initialized in VEXcode to 36:1. Replaced battery and same issue (done several times). This wasn’t happening before. When I go into the V5 controller and select the motor it says me 18:1. I change this and reload the program… go back in and its back to 18:1 again. I’ve reset controller and deleted all programs and this continues to happen. Does this setting override my initialized settings in vexcode? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jim M.

make sure that:

  1. You are selecting the right program
  2. the program is actually downloading

Do you mean looking at the motor dashboard ? If the user code is running and the dashboard selected, then the gear ratio shown should reflect what you have set in code. If user code is not running it will not. Changing the setting in the dashboard should have no impact on user code, its used for local calculations of torque etc, on the dashboard only.


Yes and thank you. I have to admit that I did not know that when the program is running I could use the dashboard to view the motors attributes. My bad :frowning:

Now that I realize its not the 36:1 vs 18:1 issue I’ve have cycled it many times and get it to therm out around 30 cycles. We never ran it that many times before last evenings practice. Better get some dry ice :slight_smile: JK… Will fix with external gearing.

Jim M.

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