Vex edr pd regulator

Hello! I make a robot for drag racing competition (need to drive in a straight black line at maximum speed). I put the overdrive and now the speed of the robot has increased 6 times. I tried to use a proportional regulator, but at that speed it simply does not cope. I was advised to put a pd or pid regulator, but I cannot adjust them for such a high speed (the robot is constantly moving go down (run across) the line). Please help with this problem. Designer - Vex edr, language - robotc, 2 motors, 2 line sensors, no encoders. I used google translator, so sorry for the mistakes. I will be glad to any help. Thank!

If you want any form of pid you need those encoders to identify exactly how many ticks you’ve gone. Another simple solution is having 3 line trackers, if the one on the right goes off, you drifted too far left, and vice versa.

And what about the pd controller? I think 3 line sensors will not cope with such a speed. (The maximum speed is 127, but my speed is 635!). In this case, can help pd regulator? Is it possible to customize it? I could not configure the program for two line sensors and I think three will not cope with such a huge speed either.

By ‘cope’ in your previous context you mean that the motors have slight speed variations. All your sensors are doing is identifying if you are too far left, right, or exactly in the center. You then just have to adjust the motor values to adjust your placement on the line.