Vex EDR pic v.5 software

I’m looking for the original source code for the old VEX EDR PIC v.5 system. Any help will be very appreciated.

I think this post had the original “default” code.


I have that zip file. The one with hex and bin. What I need is its original source code. The RobotC code in text before compiling.

That zip file contains source code (and binaries) for the original default code for the PIC, it was not written in RobotC, but plain C and compiled in MPLab (IIRC).

RobotC for PIC is available here and should contain example programs for say a clawbot

If that’s still not what you are looking for, I can have a look in the RobotC repo if you can be a bit more specific about which program you need.


Thanks for your help and explanation. I’ll go back thru the information again. BTW here is a pic of my project. Remote controlled tractor.


On the tractor moving the forward/reverse travel pedal. Another motor controls the steering. Right now I’m using the stock 23 mode. Channel 2 is steering, channel 3 if travel. I’d like to program the system using one joystick for steering and travel. Possibly the switches to control the 3 pt hitch etc


what we call arcade control
I believe the default code supported that if jumpers were installed correctly.
check page 7-4 of the old inventors guide, a copy here.

alternatively you could easily program that in RobotC, you will need programing cable etc. to be able to download onto the PIC. It’s been years since most forum members used the PIC, it’s a very old system, I have no idea what will work on a modern PC.


Thanks, I’ll try that.