Vex EDR pros coding - cannot compile the code

So Its only been about two days since I started coding for Vex EDR in pros. I used ctrl shift and P to bring up the command palette. In the palette I type in Build: Trigger and nothing comes up. How am I supposed to compile?

Note: Since I’m not experienced, please speak in English, not in coding.


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Is “build” the same thing as “compile”

Are you using the PROS Editor? If so, there should be a toolbar across the top with buttons for compiling and downloading.

Posting a screenshot of what you see would probably help.

In this context, typically yes.

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If you are asking in general, kind of.

Compile, turns your code and source files in object files/binaries (machine code)

While, Build compiles and links the whole project together, in this case the PROS Library and your object files to create an executable.

That’s at least my understanding of it (I may be wrong).

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I believe compile and build is the same thing, and can refer to either compiling or linking.
In this context, they mean the same thing.

This is not where you should be triggering the compiling. It could be that the Build: Trigger command is a Atom thing and has not been set up to work with PROS.

Instead, there should be buttons in the toolbar and in the PROS menu.
If there is not, you could try reinstalling the editor, or you could simply compile from the command line. Using the CLI (command line) is what most of us do anyway, as the buttons are slightly awkward.
To compile, type prosv5 make. To upload, type prosv5 upload,


I’ve also had similar issue when compiling/building my code in Pros the terminal doesn’t show anything. But before I remember the terminal once working. Is typing Pros V5 make the only way of compiling the code?

When coding in pros we would always use the pros quick action button, which is found in the bar at the top. It compiles the code and uploads it to the microcontroller with one click.

Your issue may be entirely unrelated to the OP’s. You should either wait for this thread to have a resolution (and see if it fixes your problem) or create your own thread describing specifically your own issue(s).