Vex EDR pros - how do you set up and make a motor move?!?

So yesterday I was watching Jacob Wake’s Vex PROS tutorial

and in the video he was setting up his robot motors.

He defines the motors by writing #define rightmotor 2 and #define leftmotor 3
I also noticed that he writes a command called motorset.

The problem is, none of these commands work. IDK why, maybe its because the guy I watched coded for cortex and I’m coding for v5.

Using Pros for VEX EDR v5, how do you set up your motors and make it move? Could anyone recommend a tutorial for setting up v5 motors using pros?

PROS for cortex (2) is very different from PROS 3 (v5). Look at the PROS 3 documentation for help.


PROS for Cortex and PROS for V5 have very different APIs.

If you are not comfortable using PROS from just the tutorials and API documentation on the PROS website, you should start by developing a working knowledge of C and/or C++ instead of looking for a PROS-specific tutorial.


The default programs that are opened should include code already for making the motor move.

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PROS does not do this. The template is literally the minimum viable code to get started with PROS; it is virtually useless on its own.

I am confused from PROS for Cortex.

but it still makes the motor move

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No, the default code includes motor initialization, controller initialization, and printing readouts:


This is the code that is generated using prosv5 conduct new .. Perhaps it worked differently in older versions, but the latest version of PROS will include code to move the motors based on joystick input.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that some code is already there when you start the program, because the first thing most people do is immediately delete it.


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