VEX EDR Remote Paddles

As stated in this forum post
It is legal to use 3D printed attachments to your controllers in VEX EDR and VEXU. After fooling around with Antichamber’s take on this idea, found here , Team YNOT decided these were a great idea to improve driver function and full utilization of the remotes buttons without taking your fingers off of the Joysticks. We have designed a more structuraly sound and simple to make version of this idea and would like to share it with you all.

Happy Printing!
VEX EDR Remote Paddles by YNOT

Looks great :0

@bossgivol Wow, those look awesome! I’ll have to 3d print some for our B team! Do you think it would be possible to split the paddles so that you could have one for the top button and one for the bottom button?

Nice! I’m assuming you have to lift the paddle to press the button?

Or you could use rubber bands to have the triggers always press the button, then you just use the triggers like a normal video game controller triggers, you would have to reconfigure your code to use 0 instead of 1 to activate the action controlled by the triggers


The triggers are directed towards 8U and 7U because those are farthest away from the thumbs. I wouldn’t see any use for a bottom paddle because it’s closer to your joystick thumbs.

Just my opinion tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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