VEX EDR Ruling - Hoarding and Elevated Scoring Zones

The new VEX EDR game is much more complicated this year. After reading the rulebook, our team is left with a few questions on the “Hoarding” rules and the 40 point bonus for each elevated scoring zone when the match ends.

Our question for the “Hoarding” rule is that if we are allowed to carry multiple scoring zones at a time while moving the robot. The rulebook made it clear that you were only allowed to hoard one zone, so we would like to clarify.

Additionally, we are unsure if taking enemy scoring zones and elevating them on the see-saw when the match ends awards us 40 points. The rule says that elevated scoring zones in the Alliance’s home side count for 40 points each with no reference to who the zones belong to.

Thanks and have a great season!

If by “scoring zone” you mean these things:

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.14.18 PM

they’re called “mobile goals”.

“Hoarding” has a very specific definition this year, much more narrow than definitions of the same term in previous games:

If you’re not in one of the corners of the field in your alliance home zone, you’re not hoarding. There are no rules prohibiting possessing multiple mobile goals without meeting the definition of hoarding,

I think this question is answered by Table 4 (page 18 of the game manual):

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.20.42 PM

So, mobile goals scored on the opposite-colored alliance’s platform do not score points for being elevated.


the manual states that you cannot hoard more than one goal. The definition of hoarding is as follows:

Hoarding – A form of Possession. A Robot is Hoarding if it is in Possession of any Mobile Goal in either
of the two (2) corners of the field in their own Alliance Home Zone (i.e. positioned in the corner roughly
the size of one foam field tile).

as you can see, it specifies that the goal must be roughly positioned in one of the two corners on your side of the field for it to count as hoarded. So, if you have a goal not in that corner, it does not count as hoarded, and as such you can carry as many goals as you like as long as you don’t bring more than one into the corners.

the manual does specify that alliance goals only give points when they are in their corresponding zones. So no, you don’t get any points for your opponent’s goals, regardless of if they’re in your home zone or elevated on your platform.

Also as a side not the goals are called goals, calling them scoring zones might be confusing since there are zones in this game that you score goals in.


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