VEX EDR Season start and end

I am new to VEX EDR and have questions on the start and end of the season.

Which month does the competition typically starts? Is it Nov? I resides in Ontario, Canada.

When does the regional championship (world qualification) happen? Is it Feb, March?

And when the world championship happens? Is it always April/May?


The regional championship depends on the region. The competition season depends on area, but normally kicks into full-gear in the late fall after school starts. Worlds is always in that range. I believe the day is already set for this year’s worlds.

Check out and look for tournaments in your region: It looks like no competitions are booked for this upcoming season yet, but the first one in Ontario last season was in November. The Provincial Championship for last season was towards the end of February. These dates might vary, so be sure to periodically check robotevents.


Thank you John and Gilmorkn472. Appreciate the quick response.

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