Vex EDR starter kit for sale - pretty cheap

I have had the start dual control starter kit for edr for a while now. I used to be into it a lot while at school, however I have not had time or money to continue. Ive been thinking about selling the kit to anyone that wants it for a while now and I would only be looking for about 50% rrp, however offers are fine too.

I dooubt that people would be interested as it uses steel parts when most are looking for aluminium etc. But all the parts are there and in good condition

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

So I am not gonna buy it and am just trying to help out. Original price
$539.99 /2 = 270$

So one issue is that all the electronics in that kit (the bulk of the price) are being phased out. So in a lot of cases people wouldn’t want to purchase out of date hardware. However currently there is a trade in program going on which accepts a full set of old electronics for roughly 250$ off the price of new hardware for registered teams.(registering a team is 100$) So it wouldn’t be unreasonable for a team to be interested in expanding and buying the hardware but my back of the envelope calculations would be that for this purpose the kit you have is probably worth maybe 175 - 200$? That assumes the person buying from you is okay getting more or less the same deal they would be getting from VEX.

Do you know the color of the VEXnet Key? (its a part they updated a few years ago and am not sure what you would have) They are either Black or white, see attached image.

Ah ok then. That helps a lot. I dont have any pictures on me as i am away from the box for a couple of weeks however the VEXnet keys are the white ones. Both of them are there

I may be interested. Any thoughts on what you’d charge for shipping?