Vex EDR stl files

Hey guys,
It seems that’s cad files are in .step files ONLY. I need the v5 motor .stl files for an upcoming project (my team and I are trying to make a v5 hexacopter.) Anyone who could help with providing the .stl files or a location for some would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Also when I get the parts printed I will share parts with the forum!

Try this. I haven’t personally tried it, but it should work.

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I tried this a second ago. For some reason it only converts the internal gearing? It is very odd.

That is weird. what software are you using?

Thank you anyways though!

repitier host, thinkercad, and cura.

this is what it looks like

I would help more, but I am not familiar with that software.
Although, could you upload the file as an STEP, then export it to an STL?

I don’t believe that any of the cad softwares that I have accept step files. Do you know if cura or any other free cad editing software excepts .step?

I do not. However, I can check with someone too see. I apologize, I use Fusion and don’t know much about this.

Use FreeCAD. It can import STEP and export STL, for free.

Here’s some insight on how to complete this process:

@Sylvie converted it.

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