VEX EDR System v5 for VEXIQ Challenge Squared away?

We bought a VEX EDR v5, but would like to participate in VEXIQ challenge Squared away. Is that legal and possible? Appreciate any info on this.

This is unfortunately not allowed. Only VEX EDR parts can be used in VEX VRC (Tower Takeover), and only VEX IQ parts can be used in VEX IQ (Squared Away).

The V5 system also is not compatible with any of the VEX IQ motors, sensors, or structural parts.

If you want to do VEX IQ, you should probably get a VEX IQ super kit and also maybe a competition add-on kit. Although take these recommendations with a grain of salt; I only do VRC and have never done IQ.


This question could be easily answered by reading the game manual. Here is the relevant rule:

And just for fun, here’s the equivalent rule in the VRC manual:

However, VEX U teams are allowed to use IQ parts (except electronics) on their robots:

The IQ and EDR systems are “compatible” with each other in the sense that lots of the critical part dimensions are the same (0.5" hole spacing, same size shafts, etc.). Thus, it’s fairly easy to build robots that use IQ hardware and EDR electronics (or the other way around, with a bit more difficulty).

If I recall correctly, one of the demos in the @RobotMesh booth at worlds this year involved two robots playing soccer against each other, which were built with IQ structure but V5 electronics.


Are you a Middle-School team? If so, you could get the VEX IQ components and compete in the IQ competition.

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Thank you for the response.