VEX EDR Tank @ Worlds

So, some of you have seen the progress of the EDR tank, here it is at Worlds. Fantastic event, kids seemed to like the end result, however next year it will be faster!

It was really cool to see the robot. If I am around next year I might just try to get a ride on it.

I think next year I do one that is easier for people to drive, this was rather uncomfortable

Any chance that I can have the specs? Eg. How many motors and gear ratio, etc?
It’s always one of my dreams to build one of this!!

Of course you can.
16 motors in torque setting
1 cortex
4 power extenders (wired via y cables from the cortex)
18 Omni wheels (the big ones, HS version)
36T to 84T on high strength axles
2 VEX LED’s 2 Ultrasonics, 2 motor encoders

And thanks a lot.
Think I will get one up and running over at my end as well :slight_smile:

holy moly that is pretty awesome! imagine if you put 2 cortex’s on it with twice as many motors

So I hope to make a go-cart next as I think that could be a lot faster

will it have some sort of rack and pinion steering or tank drive like this one?

Yes that’s what I am hoping, what’s not in the video also is it had a Lidar system and was connected to ROS, sadly this did not work too well at WORLDS