VEX EDR V5 Competition Hardware

Hi! So I have received one competition switch, two driver interface and one different driver interface in a competition super kit I think. Anyone can tell me how to use these with the two stands also provided in the kit which I think is to screw the driver interface on it. Does anyone have any idea of how to use these things with the tournament manager to make it like a real tournament in your classroom?

Your “VEXnet Field Controller Kit” came with the following items:

  • 1 “Match Controller” (the box with 2 “ethernet” and 1 USB-B port)
  • 2 “Driver Interfaces” (the box with 3 “ethernet” ports and 4 smaller RJ ports)
  • 2 long ethernet cables (50 feet each)
  • 4 short ethernet cables (5 feet each)
  • 1 USB A to B cable (like you’d use to connect a printer)

Note that both the “Match Controller” and the “Driver Interface” have both “Match Controller” and “Driver Interface” printed on them in various locations - since they connect to each other (more on that later). The label just below the VEX logo is what identifies each box.

To get the field control system working, hook things up as follows:

  1. Connect the Match Controller to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Attach the 2 Driver Interfaces to the metal stands, and attach a stand to the field perimeter in the middle of each driver station.
  3. Run a long ethernet cable from each of the ports on the bottom of the match controller to the ports on the bottom of the driver interfaces.
  4. Connect the 4 short ethernet cables to the 2 remaining ethernet ports on each driver interface. These are the cables that teams will use to connect their controllers to the field control system.

(You can ignore the other RJ ports on the driver interfaces, they’re for connecting to controllers that have been out of production for almost 10 years now.)

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to install and use VEX Tournament Manager. For more info about using TM, read the user manual (which can be found at Help > View User Guide once you’ve installed it), and/or check out my videos on the topic.