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Does anyone know if we can use V5 for the Tower Takeover? The manual says no but I am fairly sure teams were using it at last year’s competitions. WE would like to order new equipment but don’t want to waste money on the wrong thing…

Um I don’t know what manual you’re reading but the manual clearly allows v5

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Yes, V5 is legal to use for the 2019-2020 season.

See R17 of the manual

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I am new to this, Rule R5 states no V5 beta is permitted. Are those two different things?

Yes. Before V5 launched, beta units were sent out to various teachers, teams, etc. to try out the new system and give us their feedback. These beta units were a different color than the final production units we now use.

Rule R5 simply states that anyone that received beta hardware is not allowed to use it in official competition.

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Thank you this helps a ton. We are writing a grant for new equipment and want to be sure we are asking for the correct components.