VEX Electronics for V2 (Cortex) for sale

I have two bundles of electronics, motors, etc for VEX V2 listed on ebay.

Both include the following:
14x 393 Motors (Torque and HS), 12x MC29, 7x TurboGears, 1x IEM for 393, 2x Bat Ext Cable, 2x Bat Clip Sets, 4x Bat 7.2V 3000mah, 4x AAA - 6pack, 1x 8-bay AAA charger, 2x Smart Charger V2, 1x power expander, 3x 3-wire Y-Cables, 4x 2-wire6" Cables, 4x 2-wire 12" Cables, 6x 2-wire 24" Cables, 8x 2-wire 36"Cables, 12x Cable Clips, 1x Cortex Retaining clip, 2x VEXnet Key, 1x VEXnet Joystick, 1x LCDDisplay, 1xProgramming Kit, and wire repair kit

I have extras like the partner joy, some extra wires, flash light, and speaker to randomly place with each kit. Note that it does NOT include the Cortex.

I’ve listed them for 1/3 retail so this should be a good value for some teams.

In case anyone is interested but waiting, i’ll be removing any unsold items tomorrow to take to a local match where there is interest in some parts.

If you are interested but need a different bundling, post here (or pm me) and I’ll let you know if that is possible.

The joystick and keys still available?