VEX Electronics Parts for Sale with Great Deals!

Hello everyone,

Our Vex Robotics team has competed for two years. Now we are done with our Vex Robotics season and we have no plan to compete anymore. Therefore, many VEX electronic pieces and parts in great condition are sitting in the storage, unused. I am trying to sell VEX electronics parts like motors, controllers, sensors, wires, chords, etc. All parts are in great condition and were only used for two seasons. Some parts were bought in 2017 and others in 2018.

I have one whole box filled with VEX electronic parts that add up to exactly $1,483.17 original price. The name of the box is: Electronics Set (A detailed list of all the parts for the original price in the box will be posted below). All of the prices of the items were calculated from the original price from the Official Vex Website. A list of the items in the electronic box will be posted below; the list displays the name of the item, price, and the amount of the item. A description will added to specific items (measurements, sizes, etc.)

For example:
• (Name) (Price) (Amount)
• Potentiometer (2-pack) ($25.98) x2

I will be discounting those used parts in the box to up to 30%. This is a great price for buying good condition VEX electronic pieces before the next season starts up! After I know if you want to buy the box, a 30% discount will then be charged on they box’s original price. I recommend getting this box quickly because this is the only box I will be selling.

Pictures and lists of all the items will be posted below. Again, all the prices below listed are the original prices.

I live near Central Massachusetts, so if you live near the New England area, we can meet up in person to exchange. If you are going to meet up in person, cash only. If you live farther, I am still willing to ship it out to you, but I highly recommend you to pickup the boxes in person to make sure the items in the box are present and in good condition.

Please let me know if you are interested in buying the VEX electronic box filled with used parts for a great price. Pictures will be posted below. The electronic box is $1,483.17 original price without the 30% discount. The price with the 30% discount is $1,038.22.

Thank you for your time!

Box: Electronics Set
Original Price: $1,483.17
image image
• VEX Arm Cortex-Based Microcontroller ($249.99) x1
• VEXnet Joystick ($149.99) x1
• Partner Joystick ($29.99) x1
• LCD Display ($49.99) x1
• Smart Charger v2 ($16.99) x1
• Coiled Handset Cable ($6.99) x1
• 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAH ($89.97) x3
• Battery Charger Power Cord - North America (Type A) ($1.99) x1
• Battery Extension Cable ($4.99) x1
• VEXnet Backup Battery Holder ($9.99) x1
• Programming Hardware Kit ($49.99) x1
• VEXnet Key 2.0 ($79.98) x2
• LED Indicator Pack ($9.99) x1
• Jumper (5-pack) ($7.47) x3
• Extension Cable Retaining Clip (10-pack) ($14.97) x3
• 4” Zip Ties (About 50-pack) ($2.50) x1
• Battery Strap (2-pack) ($4.99) x1

• Limit Switch (2-pack) ($25.98) x2
• Optical Shaft Encoder (2-pack) ($19.99) x1
• Potentiometer (2-pack) ($25.98) x2
• Bumper Switch (2-pack) ($12.99) x1
• Line Tracker (3-pack) ($39.99) x1
• Power Expander ($49.99) x1
• Ultrasonic Range Finder ($29.99) x1
• Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor ($39.99) x1

• 2-Wire motor 393 ($119.92) x8
• Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module (2-pack) ($59.98) x2 (One is missing 4 small black screws)
• Motor 393 Refurb Kit ($19.96) x4
• 3-Wire Servo ($79.99) x4
• Motor Pieces (Free) x1

• Motor Controller 29 ($59.94) x6
• 4-Wire Serial Y Cable ($7.99) x1
• 4-Wire Extension Cable 12” ($19.99) x4
• 4-Wire Extension Cable 12” (4-pack) ($19.99) x1
• 3-Wire Y-Cable 6” ($4.99) x2
• 3-Wire Extension Cable 6” ($8.75) x7
• 3-Wire Extension Cable 12” ($12.00) x6
• 3-Wire Extension Cable 24” ($10.00) x5
• 3-Wire Extension Cable 36” ($10.00) x5
• 2-Wire Extension Cable 12” ($16.00) x8
• 2-Wire Extension Cable 36” (8.00) x4

• VEXnet Joystick Power Adapter ($12.99) x1

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A few weeks ago, you also started a topic selling other items. Do you still have the foam tiles available?

I am still willing to sell this box for 30% off! The price may also be negotiable. Thanks!

Hi, do you have the field controller?

I’m not sure, but if you are talking about this, [quote=“Peter, post:1, topic:64573”]
VEX Arm Cortex-Based Microcontroller ($249.99) x1

Then yes they are still available.

Can you move this to Ebay/Craiglist…? or DM?

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I just sent out a DM to you.

Hello, are you still interested? Thanks

No - field perimeters were sold long ago. Y ou need to move this to Ebay to reach an audience that might take you up on pieces of your offering at this point.

Okay, I will do ASAP.

I will do Craigslists

Hi Everyone!

I just posted this item on Craigslist that’s called Vex Robotics Electronics Box; this is the link for that:


Do you happen to still have the 393 integrated encoders? I will take all you have to get my class through the rest of this year.

Yes I still have the 393 motors.

• Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module (2-pack) ($59.98) x2 ( One is missing 4 small black screws)

It will be $59.98. Would you like to buy them by meeting in person or ship?



Hi Peter,

I’m quite sure that I will need to have them shipped. I am in Northern Vermont. I am wondering if there are two encoders in total or two 2-packs resulting in four encoders. Also, do you have the four-conductor wires that go with them? I will need them as well.

I am happy to pay for the product as well as Priority Mail shipping (You know, one of the flat rate boxes). As for payment, do you have a PayPal account that we can use to pay you? I would just need an invoice with the price of shipping included to give to the business office. It can be something that you just type up in Word if needed. Of course I would need to know who/how to send you the payment. If you can get back to me with that information I might be able to get the payment sent out to you today.

Thanks for being so quick to respond to my inquiry.

Perhaps you can email me directly to work out the details. my email is jbaker at stjacademy dot org
I didn’t format it normally so I don’t get spammed, but I think you can figure it out.

Welcome to the forum. You can also private message people to send over details. I would recommend editing this to remove the email.

Not exactly sure how to send a private message. Can you point me in the right direction?

Sure. Basically, you have to click either the profile picture of the name of the person you want to private message. Once you do this is should pop up this this.
Here just click the message button in the top right and it should put you in a private thread with the person that you chose.

I think I’m too new of a user to have that privilege yet, because I don’t get the “Message” option when I click on the user’s name or picture. I just joined today, and the system indicated that my account would be limited until they got to know me. I’m guessing that just a few posts are not enough to have that kind of POWER. LOL

I will just leave my message as it is and hopefully Peter will be able to get back to me soon. My school’s delay in upgrading my robotics kits is just catching up with us now. I have lessons detailed around using certain sensors and they are no longer available through normal commercial channels. Finding them here is really a great find for me.

Hi bakejame,

Ok, I will talk to you in your email. Let me know if you receive it.