Vex Elo Rankings 2017

Hi everyone, you may remember me from when I made something like this last year and promptly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Well, it’s back. I have created a website that lists every team that has been in a competition so far, ranked using the Elo formula. What is the Elo formula?

Basically, it ranks teams using a numerical score. Everyone starts at 1500, and your score is increased if you win a match, or decreased if you lose one. The formula also uses the scores of the teams involved to predict how likely you are to win the match. If you’re predicted to win and you lose, you lose more points than if you perform close to expectations. This is run on every match, ever, and it updates every 10 minutes off @nallen01, if you have any problem with the traffic, just tell me. I’m working under the user-agent “Vex Elo Rankings”.

It’s here:

Please give me some feedback, like whether or not it’s actually accurate. I’m not sure how much use it is for scouting, but it is definitely good for staring at to look like you know what you’re doing.



Good job… and looks pretty promising.

Just wondering if the data is based on this season alone, or it is accumulated from previous seasons?

Can you work on the ordering of the team names, it is currently really annoying. Maybe order the list by number of digits before doing alphabetical or just pad all the team numbers with leading 0s.


It’s just based off this season.

RIght now the sorting is on “whatever the table library gives me”, so I’ll look into getting custom logic done for that.

thats a dope website !

Thank god you brought this up again, I was thinking about it yesterday and I was like I’m never going to find it.

Click on the elo tab twice. It should list it from high to low.

I figured, lol

Wow this is really cool. What statistics or formula did you use to determine the Elo for each team?

It is a good source as part of the pre-scouting task.

but just a word of caution - it will not reflect accurately for teams from smaller region or teams that couldn’t go for multiple competitions. Meaning - you will still need to do your scouting.

And I am still not so sure about how the “predictor” work… I mean, given that teams will be changing their designs or rebuilding between competitions, will it be effective in predicting the outcomes of matches?

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This is actually really dope. Any chance for VEX U? :3

This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing!

There’s obvious flaws, but it’s still really cool if you take the rankings and predictions with a grain of salt

@Powerbelly Do not let Pigpen see this. His ego may grow. In all seriousness, this is cool and he is obviously doing great!

I’ll give you a warning. ELO will have huge problems in a setting like this, though it’s better than nothing. The problem is that until you get to very large numbers of competitions for each competitor or unless you keep the number of competitions per competitor equal, ELO heavily weights things based on the number of competitions entered. So being decent and competing a bunch of times marks you as noticeably better than being phenomenal and only competing one or two times. Since neither of those two are possible, this weighting will always be highly problematic. That was why I had to abandon it as a possibility when looking into a replacement for the Saylor System for our sports rankings. The Saylor System has its own problems, which is why we need a replacement.

Thank you for putting this together. Looks like a great resource. Any chance you could provide a means to pull the results via API for use in automated scouting reports? Would be a great reference to add to other existing data from vexdb.

This sounds like an interseting concept. Does it rank all teams registered in the world or just a specific area?

Should be possible. I’ll look into it.

It’s a list of all VRC teams that have competed this season. I’m looking to add location filtering later.

How exactly is it broken? It seems to be functional on my end. To get a list of the top ranking teams by ELO just click on the Elo section of the table header to sort it.

It should work better for VEXU. No partners to worry about.

So for Elo, a higher number is better correct?