Vex Encoders

Hello everyone,
I am part of an Engineering Development & Design (EDD) class in Project Lead the Way. We are wanting to create a new encoder for Vex Robotics as our class project. We have some design requirements already outlined, but wanted input from the community on which ones would be most important to you guys. If you wanted to rank these from most to least important that would be phenomenal. Or, if you have suggestions on other design requirements to submit in the comments that would also be greatly appreciated.

If you could reduce their overall size, that would be great. Also, if you could make encoders to directly fit the new, larger shafts. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. Accuracy within milliseconds - needs to update within the millisecond or every few milliseconds (I2C IME’s I think are 4-8ms and get longer the longer the daisy chain)
  2. More ticks per output/shaft revolution than 360 which is the plastic quad encoder level (like it to be closer to the IME level of precision)
  3. Reliable - not subject to electrical static discharges (if using the current IME approach, please look into using clamping diodes in your circuit)