VEX Engineering Notebook For Sale?

Will the VEX Engineering Notebooks we recieved at Worlds be available to purchase on the VEX site? We recieved one, but it is running out of room. I also know we will be recieving one when we register this year. I have a feeling we will need at least 3-4 this year.


You’re using 3-4 of those notebooks? I think our team will be lucky to get through one…

Jesse you can have mine. If I decide to make a notebook I would type it.

Create award and Inspire are useless and Design is judged incorrectly so I probably won’t do it at all.

Harsh, Tabor XD

We are typing ours again this year, so we have a couple laying around that will only be used for notes at best. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will part with one if somebody needs an extra.

The Engineering Notebook is available here for $9.99:


Not that I don’t agree with you, but I’d love to hear your reasoning behind that claim.

Thanks guys!

If anyone would like to send me their engineering notebooks, that would be terrific. Let me know (by PM) if you want to.

Thanks again :wink:

These types of posts are not constructive at all. If you have suggestions to improve the judging process, I’m sure the folks at the RECF, and your local events, would love to hear them. But simply bashing these awards without any context makes you sound like someone who is bitter over past judging results.

I’d like to also know why you don’t think these awards are useless, call it an insight into “Tabor the Great’s” glorious mind. I’ve had bad experiences with judging before, but I don’t say the judging was bogus. Take the award you earn and move one with your life, come back next year more determined to get that award.

Once in 2008-2010 I was trying my absolute hardest to get an engineering award. I had teams actually win the engineering award using my designs, had teams carbon copy my robots and get awards for it. Granted we always won the equivalent of Excellence so it wasn’t to disappointing. I’ve never won an engineering award to this day.

I will end with a quote that Karthik uses quite often, “Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” - Vince Lombardi.

Which is why we will never find unicorns :smiley:

I could not be happier with the way worlds turned out.:wink:

I personally disagree with how awards are structured. Design award is based off the design process rather than the design which I am fine with but why does it qualify teams before the create award. Also I personally think it should be called designing award or another less confusing name.

Useless is definitely too strong of a word. I more meant it doesn’t qualify.

Really Andrew lol.:o
I really am not that full of myself and I know full well that from another point of view it might make perfect sense how vex does the awards. I just can’t see it.

My goal was to express an opinion not to derail a thread so lets get back on topic.

Jesse do you still want them or you just going to buy them from VEX?
Also out of curiosity why don’t you just type it or go out and buy graph paper?

I would like yours :slight_smile:

We like the format of the notebook VEX has provided. We will be typing some stuff out still.

Jesse these are exactly the same format but way cheaper 2.75 each you can get like 20 cause that’s the minimum order

We use these in school. Even the number of pages is the same as vex ones… Seems suspicious to me :eek: jk

That was completely inappropriate and uncalled for. If you’d like him to change, insults aren’t the greatest way. The rest of your post is better but really, I expect better from you than this.

Say it how it is, I don’t think Tabor is in a position to bash VEX for the way they run their awards simply for some bad experiences in Judging.

Vex has their system because its a tried and tested system. If you have a problem with it I recommend the route Karthik had recommended, going onto a public forum and stating something because you might have your feathers ruffled over something is just simply not professional. Calling him out on it seemed fair, you might see it as a smidge unprofessional on my part but alas we have different view points. Finally this thread is not for the purpose of bashing VEX or other people, granted Tabor should have never said what he said.

Leave it at that.


do you have a standard template you use for your typed notebook? would you be willing to share your template to a team just changing over to an electronic notebook?

When I get a chance I will send you a file with the first couple of pages.

Mainly the schools that award these to their own teams to help them qualify…

Let’s think about this a little bit more. At most local events most judges / referees are provided by one or few schools. If what you are saying is true (it may or may not be), why don’t you do more outreach and recruit more volunteers to have a more diverse panel of judges?

Also, think about it from a gracious professional perspective, would a school that go through all the work of hosting a tournament (which includes a lot of work, even though it’s been streamlined by the VEX staff in terms of setup, tournament, award, etc.) be the type that would give their own teams awards just so they will qualify for worlds?

One possible reason that might lead you to think schools give out awards to their own teams might be the judges are also mentors to the host teams - which means they are a lot more familiar about the process / work the teams did. A lot of teams think recording the activities (whether it’s engineering related or not) won’t help them win an award because “XXX host team will win the award anyway” but in fact it’s the exact opposite - your team isn’t winning the awards because you didn’t present the notebook and the judges didn’t get to know you on the level that they know the host teams and more often than not the awards go to the host teams.

My team didn’t care much for any of the awards and never really kept a decent engineering notebook until our last year, which reflected on the number of non-performance awards that we won. Engineering notebook (or any document that you use to record this VEX competition experience) isn’t only something that you do for the awards, it’s a practice you do in real-life engineering that helps tremendously.