Is there anyone out there that has purchased, received, and started using the new VEX EXP kits? Our program is expanding to add a second teacher next fall and we need to purchase additional equipment to accomodate our numbers. We’ve been using the VEX V5 kits and are considering purchasing a bundle of the new VEX EXP and use both. I know they cannot be used for official competitions. I’m on a short budget spending time frame and looking for any other opinions or experiences before we commit with this large of an investment. Thanks!

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More details about your situation - for example, use in classroom or robotics club? middle or high school? Beginner, intermediate, or advance? focus on structures or coding?

Hard to answer your question thoroughly. For my situation, in the middle school classroom, EXP appears to be a great fit. Quick build to activity time cycle. Keeps it simple and with STEMlab lessons should be great in that setting.


I have been using EXP since it came out (30 kits). I teach Robotics I/II at a High School in TX. We also have 4 VRC teams. I find that using the EXP stuff for the class is perfect!

The sensors are the same, the programming is the same, and the parts are basically the same as what you would use for competition except they are steel. The EXP kits come with some cool new parts too (like the low profile nuts and the standoff retainers).

The storage bins are very nice and a single kit has a good amount of parts.

I love that the batteries and controllers charge with USB-C.

Bottom line, for non-competition classroom use, EXP is the way to go. AND if you have competitive teams, EXP will get them ready for V5!

Feel free to DM me if you have questions

Also, check out my youtube channel - I’ve posted a video or two on EXP


Thank you both for replying so quickly! This is what I needed. The kits would be used in our 8th grade Introduction to Robotics Class in which we currently use the V5 kits. We haven’t yet competed with them, but would like to explore that option (and possibly include some of our high schoolers) in the future. We focus on both structures and coding (we also use and love the VEXcode VR platform). I just really wanted to hear from someone that had physical EXP kits in hand. It sounds like a good fit! I will check out the youtube videos and may reach out with questions. Much appreciated!


IMHO EXP would be great for as young as 6th grade (maybe even 5th) and useful up into college level.

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