VEX EXP wheels can be used in VEX v5?

In our local we have a type of wheels of the VEX EXP kit, when we tried in our intake the wheels worked perfectly, but now we don’t now if we can participate in tournaments with these wheels.

Thank you!

On, if those wheels are listed as VRC legal, you can use them.

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So yes you can use them in tournaments

The wheel in the image you sent is not the same wheel as the one the OP sent, though they look similar. Here is an image with both of them from the product page for the EXP kit:

These wheels also aren’t on the normal V5 wheel page, so I don’t believe they are legal.

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No, you can’t. The EXP kits, which are the only place you can get these wheels, are not listed as “V5” compatible and thus are not competition legal.


It never says you can’t use them so you probably can.

Sorry I didn’t know you couldn’t.

This is clearly wrong, if these wheel are not listed as V5 and are EXP they are illegal by R6 a


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