Vex exp

Are the VEX EXP structures steel or aluminum? I can’t seem to find anything that indicates one or the other. Anyone know?

The EXP system has steel structure. It replaced the “classroom V5 kits” with their steel structure. Aluminum is in the “competition V5 kits”.


I’m not convinced. Just because EXP “replaced” the classroom V5 kits doesn’t mean that steel structures were kept.

" EXP Robot Construction System

The EXP construction system enables robots and mechanisms to be quickly and effortlessly built and iterated, using steel structure, real-world fasteners and building techniques. The steel structure comes in a variety of profiles and lengths to unlock unlimited creativity – no cutting necessary. The extensive assortment of gears, sprockets, chain, intake flaps, and flexible intake balloon tires add limitless possibilities. Finally, the anti-static traction and omni-directional wheels make it all come to life."


Thank you – I overlooked that word. I wanted to be sure!

Next time, I’ll use CTRL+F :joy:

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