VEX Explorer on Sale at Amazon for $60

Amazon has the VEX Explorer on sale for $60. What a deal! I wonder if this means they are not selling very well.

Thanks for the notice. That is an awfully low price. I suppose either a seller got stuck with too may or somebody won a lot at auction. Even Ebay only had them down to 149, but usually 159-179.

At 60, it’s worth it just for the parts alone, Wheels, hardware and motion stuff, gears. Just toss the non-programmable module. How about that?

Nilocor - My thanks also for the heads-up.

I just bought 4. One for myself, one for the Hobby Shoppe Team I mentor, one for the high school where I am a mentor, and one for the David Franc in Maryland (I presume it will be for the 4H robotics club he mentors there).

For $60 it is hard to go wrong.

The camera and claw should make great show & tell gadgets for exhibitions, and should also be fun additions to fundraising events or to educating new team members.


Actually, they are selling very well on our end!
I don’t know why Amazon has dropped the price so low. Maybe it is an oversight.

Take advantage while it lasts?


Thanks So Much for telling us about this great deal! I just ordered one right now, and with 2 day shipping it only cost me $79.99!!! Thanks again!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the price has already gone up. im soo bummed. ca anyone send me a link or something to the page with the 60 dollar price @ thankyou

ya the price went up to 140 owell it was good while it lasted although i was planning to buy one

I was lickey to get one back when they were $60, i went to show Corperalchee and they had risn to $130, i feel really luckey.

I’m guessing that someone/something updating the Amazon site initially reversed the price and the discount. The price should have been $139.99 and the discount should have been $60.

That would be hillarious!! I am so glad that I got one for $60.00!! Thanks so much for the tips!:smiley: :smiley:

So how many people got it at $60?

I did. Do you think that amazon will take it back or something?

I only bought 2 just a few minutes after the alerting post. I went back later to get a few more, but alas, I was too late. Suppose that still counts as lucky though.

I doubt it. I already have the UPS tracking number, but i guess one can’t know until it’s on the doorstep.

lickey?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: i belive you mean luckey

Hello all,
I’m new to the forum by buying four of them. One for me, my two sons and one spare(possibly ebay:D )

they won’t take back the price though. Got an email saying mine were already shipped.


They are up to 159 now. Guess they gotta make up for the goof.
We could have used a couple more for fundraising events.

yes, when i got my vex parts (not vexplorer though) i was surprised to see that i had an $80 dollar brokerage fee, they could easily add the difference in cost right at your front door

Check into UPS Red or UPS Blue shipping. That is how we ship “stuff” to Canada from where I work, it seems to “reduce” the brokerage fee.

Wait, when I bought mine it said that my shipping was $19.99. Can UPS charge me extra $$ like basicxman??