vex extenstion cables

does anybody know what kind of wire the extention cable use a built a robot and need a longer cable so i was thinking of cutting the extention cabe that came with the kit and making it longer so if u know what kind of wire i can use that be great thanks!

Check out thats where my FVC team got them from last year.

well, if you dont want to buy more cables from VexLabs, the cable is a PWM cable, ground = black, positive = red, pulse = white. if you are going to cut the original cable, which i dont suggest, make sure you dont mix up the colors.

Don’t cut and splice Vex extension cables if you’re building an official FVC robot. This is illegal under the rules. If you don’t want to buy pwm cables from vexlabs, you can try here… (down near the bottom of the page) they have very similar pwm cables too.

why not buy the connctors and use some hook-up wire?

The connectors are Futaba J Female.
You can get the connectors here.


I sent them a payment on 9/28 for a few cables a 20.00 purchase and havent received the items nor have any of my emails been returned.

I now am disputing this through paypal.

wow thats terrible. skimoose, dont post sites that dont send their products.

I received them today and they were post marked on Oct 12 so these dipshits sat on my order for over 2 weeks and didnt notify me.

I actually tracked them down through their DNS entry and called them leaving them a message. And I also disputed in Paypal. I probably wouldnt use them again since I don’t know if it was my harassment or if they would have sent the items anyway.

I suspect most people don’t know how to find phone numbers in DNS records so many people probably just get stiffed and dont use them again.

The next time I will just by 10 dollars more and use vexlabs site.

You can get the female J kits at RChover. I’ve dealt with him several times.
I didn’t know VEXLABS sold anything like this. I haven’t seen it.

i cut and splice vex extension cables and motor wires all the time with some cheap wire i got from radio shack for like $3. works great since i dont do any competitions and alot cheaper than the 4 extension cables vexlabs sells for $20.

They should be regular servo extension cables- no need to just buy the female part. I’ve found the need for longer wires several times!

Go to,

scroll down half the page and their called servo extender cables

Thanks for the link, I’d been looking for the connectors to make my own cables… but at less than $2 / cable, I think I can live with buying them pre-made. I ordered 4 of each, for ~$25. The Vex cables are 4 for $20, which is just a little unreasonable.