Vex Field Controller Software for macOS

My school uses macOS and we were wondering if it was possible to use the vex field controller software on Macs. Currently, there seems to be only an option for windows.

If you mean VEX Tournament Manager, it is available for macOS:

The page says macOS Catalina isn’t supported but it’s worked fine on every version of Catalina I’ve tried.


To be clear, the (extremely rudimentary) field control software released by VEX themselves is ancient and has basically no use nowadays.

Use VEX Tournament Manager (released by DWAB in partnership with VEX and RECF) instead, as posted by holbrook above. It has a Mac version.


Is anyone having issues with the new Tournament Manager not leaving the Field Control server up after calibration?

Everytime I try to start a match, I can no longer see the field.

Depends on what OS you are running - if Big Sur or above, not supported right now as updates not released/. Also not clear if there is a release date for this season.

Best to go to Windows solutions that are actively supported in last 12-18 months.

Full disclosure, I am that Mac guy - so hope for any indication of supporting new mainstream release Mac OS or not

Well TM is running right now on my Mac mini Big Sur

Hope this keeps working for all

Yep, runs on Big Sur for me too – everything I’ve tried so far has worked! (don’t have a field controller handy to try though)

@Dave_Flowerday has TM been updated to run on Big Sur, or did something change on the Apple side?


My gut, it may be a bit of both :slight_smile:

TM runs fine on Monterey

My fields are run using rPi - so won’t worry about field controller.


Yeah same here – all our mission-critical tournament gear is either on a Pi or a small-form-factor Windows box. But it’ll be nice to be able to run TM on my laptop again, if I need to for whatever reason.

I did some work a while back and did get it to the point where it loads. It was a pretty ugly hack to work around what Apple did. To the best of my knowledge, Apple has not improved anything since they broke it all.

However, it hasn’t been fully tested and from memory there were still some things that weren’t quite right, but I don’t have my notes in front of me at the moment. I’m glad it’s working for some people, though I’m not sure I’d recommend trying to run a tournament with it yet.


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