Vex Field Perimeter Weight

Does anyone know a ballpark weight for an assembled 12ft section of field perimeter? My team needs to carry 4 fields to a competition and we were wondering about pickup truck loading.
Sorry! this was the wrong place to post this, i know.

Funny you should ask - I just had to know that myself.

Each panel is about 10 Lbs according to my bathroom scale.

The brackets that hold the panels seem like about 10-20 Lbs when you make a pile out of all of them plus the screws…

4 full fields is probably a good 500 Lbs.


carry, as in carry to the truck?
(hey, you might have all gr.8 teams :))
or carry it a block away??

should be no problem for, well even a minivan, that is of course if you can fit it all in. but for sure no problem for a truck, i live on a farm and have loaded at least 2500 pounds of hay on my f150.

It depends on the suspension - Not all trucks/vans are equal - But in general I agree.

My volvo station wagon was ill equipped to carry three sets (all the weight was in the rear).


i was speaking in general. i know for camp, we have probably had close to 500 pounds in gear and then 5 people. but its probably a different make or model.

Understood - And like I said, in general I/we agree

Thanks for the replies! i will definitely be able to take all of the field gear in my 1-ton, the only limit will be size.

Well, we have to get it into the truck and then get the truck to the venue (fairgrounds), and set it all up. Plus taking it all back to school after the tournament.

This is the event:

Have fun - They stack up about as neatly as coat hangers :slight_smile: