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My team has been doing a little bit of coding for VEX EDR, and at the moment, we are sharing our code on a Google Doc. It there any way for me to put my .vex projects onto Github using Github Desktop so that the programming portion is a bit easier?

You have two options:
Switch to VEXCode (a far superior software, don’t use VCS).
Try NotVCS, a script that unpacks .vex files.


Please dont use NotVCS. NotVCS is an old, outdated, dead script. If you are already using NotVCS, you can instead use NotNotVCS to convert a NotVCS project to a VexCode project. My recommendation is either Vexcode, which I used for a few months, or PROS, which is what I use now.


im sorry this is off topic but NotNotVCS is a hilarious name

NotNotNotVCS coming soon^TM.


changes NotNotVCS projects into PROS

Is that just something to go against the very simple and low level environment of VCS?

What do you mean?
VCS is not low-level, nor is it simple.
It is just badly developed, slow, and missing features.
NotVCS simply unpacks the .vex file into text files in a folder.


No I was asking about the name, I was asking if it was made to go against VCS. I’m sorry if that was misleading.

NotVCS was named the way it was for the meme.

This thread has gotten very off topic. @DRow please lock

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