Vex Flame Thrower???

Hey guys wondering if flamer thrower good idea???

Hmmm, that’s a very difficult question. If this is for the VEX robotics competition, you might want to look at the following rules:

So, based on that, a flame thrower is definitely not legal, and not a very good idea either.

Many people have tried:

Sounds like one of those things you sometimes see carved on somebody’s tombstone.

I guess it worked. :smiley:

Hold on a second, nurse, while we peel back the clothes that have melted into his skin.

Just don’t forget your safety goggles.

Inspector: “you put a WHAT on as a decoration?!”


It could be a sensor in college.


Let me just quickly “measure” the melting point of this game object really quick. Then catapult it.

this is a great idea!