vex flashlight and camera - cant configure

I’m trying to set up vex flashlight and camera on an AE testbed.

the flashlight is plugged into motor port #1. but under motors and sensors tab, there in no VEX Flashlight option under the “type” drop-down menu. how do I get the “vex flashlight” to appear on the drop down menu??

likewise, I have the camera plugged into motor port #10. I am supposed to use “3-wire motor” for the type, but there is NO “3-wire motor” option on the drop down menu.

Both the camera and flashlight just need power, there is really no control* through the programming environment which is why they don’t appear on the pull down menus. Pick up power from a three wire motor port (where red and black wires would be on a motor, not the white wire).

See this


and this


*It is possible to control flashlight brightness, just treat it as a motor and change the control value between 0 and 127. You would plug into a 2 wire motor port (or MC29) to do this.