VEX Flashlight question

In other posts, I heard that it’s legal to use a VEX Flashlight. Would it be legal to tamper the flashlight to turn it into a laser of some sort? That’s weird to say, but it could be useful for lining up your robot to lift, or could be useful for just show.

I don’t think it would be legal to use, but it should be legal if it adheres to decoration guidelines.

If you make use of a laser as a functioning part of your robot during a match. No. It is not a VEX part.

Thanks :smiley: That’s quick! I was just clarifying for future use, and your comments are very useful!

You are welcome!

Lasers have been used for setting up robots on the field. However, I would urge teams to be cautious with use of lasers in competitions as the beams can be pointed towards the audience who are not wearing appropriate eye protection.

I mean if you wanted to use it to line up with something you could prob do it without a laser attachment seeing how bright it is. In FRC they used basically huge green flood lights to line up with the stronghold.

Yeah, good point… Good point because that would be the most dangerous if you’d put a laser on your robot. I should’ve thought that through xD
@phantom285A Good point, maybe we could literally just use ultrasonic sensors to line up the robot. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? :smiley:

They use cameras along with the green lights in FRC to measure distances. The light creates a reflection for the camera to process