VEX Flashlight

After looking at my ROBOTC and checking the motors and sensors setup, the VEX Flashlight seems to be an option for the motors tab. If I were to buy a VEX Flashlight, would it be considered as a motor or a sensor? If it’s a sensor, is it legal to have a third Y-Cable to allow the use of 12 motors? If it’s a motor, then it wouldn’t be correct with the definition of a motor “giving, imparting, or producing motion or action.” Since it’s not considered a motor by the definition, could it be changed to become in the digital sensors tab?
Screenshot (44).png

The VEX flashlight can not be used on a digital port, it behaves like a motor and needs both power and control signals from the motor port. You can control the intensity of the flashlight by changing the control value sent, motor[port2] = 0; will turn the flashlight off, motor[port2] = 127; will turn it fully on.

You should ask a question on the official starstruck Q&A to determine if it is legal for this years game and whether it counts as a motor.