Vex For Sale

Didn’t see a For Sale section so I’m posting this here…
All prices are if they were purchased new, everything is barely used and as far as I can remember only two pieces of the 1x25 are cut nothing else…I’ll double check on that

Original Starter Kit $300 New
Programming Kit $100 New
2 - Tank Tread Kits $30 Each New
Hardware Kit $80 New
Brand New in Box Wheel Kit $30 New
Brand New in Box Sprocket and Chain Kit $30 New
Brand New in Box Gear Kit $30 New
2 - Brand New in Box Servo Kits $20 Each New ($40)
3 - Brand New in Box Motor Kits $20 Each New ($60)
Power Pack Kit $50 New

Total $750 plus tax

Looking for $600+ Shipping for everything
Some is Brand New never used as noted above and I have all the original boxes everything came in that it will be shipped in.
I would like to just sell it all as a package
Buyer pays through Paypal
I can post pics if requested


No Interest in anything? Make an offer I’ll sell for less! I just don’t use any of it anymore, I only built like 2 robots with it most of it is pretty much new and some is brand new still in packaging.

Again make an offer!

how much would it cost to ship to New Zealand?

I may be interested, I just need to figure out finances first.

Shipping Internationally is pretty expensive because it would be a somewhat large package…Cheapest I could find was USPS Estimate was 197.03(Could be less I might be able to put everything in a smaller box, I’ll try to see if we could get a lower shipping cost)…We can talk about price if your seriously interested and work out something for both of us…PM me.

OK, Just let me know…Like I said I’m open to offers.

Ok so I should be able to fit everything in a smaller box, just have to get a box with the right dimensions…It could be more or less cause right now I’m just estimating weight, but new estimate is $180.65 Shipped to New Zealand, like I said we can work out something on price including shipping.


Is this the Cortex?

No, it’s the PIC Controller included with the original starter kit.

For some reason I wasn’t able to log in here for a little while, but anyway, it’s still for sale.

PRICE DROP!! $500+Shipping

Haven’t posted here in a while, but is there any interest in this? Like I’ve said before make an offer, $500+Shipping is were we can start. Let me know if you have any questions or want any pics.


could I have some pics of the vex your selling and your email in case I want to buy? :slight_smile:

I’m interested… would you take around $400 for it?

I have have many vex products that i am selling for 40% off!

I am selling many Products for 40% off!

First, welcome to the forum!

Just so you know, you’ve replied to a thread from 2010! If you are selling something, make a new thread, and post info like what it is you are selling.