Vex For Sale

We bought my son a Vex v.5 Starter Design Kit a few years back and it literally sat in the box in his closet.
He is now off to college and I have decided to sell it. A local “robotics” person suggested that I find a forum to list it on. I guess that people outside of robotics really don’t have a clue what it is. It is listed on Ebay starting at $200. I know that most of you are much more advanced than this system, yet, I also know it has many motors and gadgets ( do hickeys and thingamabobs) that might work for other things in the box. It is brand new and I went through personally to verify that all pieces were there. I will take $200 plus actual shipping. You can actually calculate that within the Ebay app. You can contact me on there and I will set up a buy it now option if you are interested, or just send a paypal invoice. Thanks.

I don’t think you’ll get a lot of luck, especially at that price…
The kit is 6 years old or more.
It’s extremely outdated.
What I can recommend, is maybe donating this kit to a local boys & girls club, or something similar.

Well first welcome to the forum, but the problem with these kits are they are very old… This kit uses a very old cortex and parts so I don’t know if you will be able to get 200 dollars.

That’s a very old “brain” for Vex and a controller that is practically antique, so you’ll probably have better luck if you place your starting bid much, much lower, at maybe $40 to draw in bidders. Then, after bidders get interested, let market forces take over and the bidding price will go up to whatever the market will bear. Otherwise, at $200 you’ll just scare people away. Your other option would be to hold onto it for another 10-20 years and then sell it as an antique collector’s item.