Vex Forum Gender Distribution

I was wondering what the gender distribution was on the vex forum. would you guys (and girls) please fill out the poll indicating whether you are male or female?

I many societies there is a recognised third gender. Any option for them?

I’m sorry, I should have thought of that. I don’t know how to change the poll though. I can edit the post but not the poll. Maybe a moderator would like to help me out and add a third option?

well since i am personally against the “other” philosophy
i’ll pass on the voting

how many Canadians here have just finished the Census?
and how many options do you remember being under the category “gender/sex”
how many of you think its silly?

interesting. hope there will be a decently large sample size in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:

as an aside, “Other” always seemed like a rather incongruous label for gender…

I voted other just for fun!

But I am really a male.