VEX forum lingo

So, I figured I would make a post just to inform people who either recently joined the forum or robotics about some of the different terms used on the forum. The answer below will be a wiki, if I forgot stuff, feel free to insert it.


Bling drive - a drive with an omni in the front, a locked omni in the middle, and another omni in the back.
PM/DM - Personal or direct message. You can do this from the message box by your account or by clicking on someone’s name.
Locked omni - an omni wheel with screws in the little green rollers to stop it from sliding side to side.
DR4B - Double Reverse 4 bar: A lift system that is better off searching on google images to understand.
V5 - No one knows what it is, all we know is that it ships in 8 weeks
meta - the most common type of robot. This year, the linear puncher was the meta.
VTOTW - A Discord server once named “VEX Teams Of The World,” now called “Unofficial VEX Server” (You really should join the server)
Slapper - A tennis-racket type of shooter that hits the ball with an under-swing
Double Catapult - A grammatically incorrect term to describe a catapult that shoots two balls(the grammatically correct version is Double-Ball Catapult but we are lazy)
Angle Changing Puncher - Search 574 VEX. Every other normie robot generally copies them. .:slight_smile:


2BC- 2 ball catapult
VRC- Vex Robotics Competition
First- another robotics program, usually referring to either FRC or FTC
DRow- the all-powerful main moderator for the forums. His word is final.
Water Game: No matter what year, it is always the next game. However, it is generally agreed that it would be a terrible idea in application.
Stacking caps- the act of scoring caps on posts. The “stacking” was left over from last year’s cone stacking


No list of VRC terms would be complete without these:

Judge - The people that talk to teams and decide who wins each judged award.
Judge - The people who inspect your robot. Sometimes referred to as Inspectors.
Judge - The people who officiate matches on the competition fields and make sure teams follow the rules. They are also responsible for determining the score of each match. They often wear striped shirts. Sometimes referred to as Referees.
Judge - The person organizes and runs the event. Sometimes referred to as the Event Partner.

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DC - disconnected
White screen - death of program, your robot is now useless
DQ - disqualification/dairy queen


Judge - The people who decide how the rules in the Official Q&A should be interpreted. Sometimes referred to as the Game Design Committee (GDC) or shortened as “Karthik said”


Hah, your post was hidden on THIS topic??? I foolishly clicked here to actually get good wiki advice, but your post was the funniest.:joy:


Sometimes adults have double standards :confused:

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@Anomaly – not sure what you wanted to say with that, but I found it offensive.


I saw it as a comment on signal-to-noise. Perhaps misunderstandable…

I would like a usable, serious wiki on this topic.

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